Everything you need to know to get started

Think you have the skills to solve a maze?

What about a Virtual Reality version?

MazeWalkVR is a family puzzle game that requires the ability to smile, have fun, make smistakes, and not take yourself too seriously!


If you qualify for all of those, then you are just the kind of gamer we like!


MazeWalkVR will test your maze solving abilities to a whole new level by utilizing the MyPad3D unique movement... using the gyroscope combined with the accelerometer on your mobile device, so that you can physically walk in both the real and the in the virtual world simultaneously (or if you prefer just jiggle your hands to mimic walking movement or other movement options if you can figure them out!).

For a more immersive experience, load your phone into a VR headset / Glasses / Goggles and trick your mind that you are really there!  (NOTE you can use it without a VR headset too!)



  1. Have fun looking super cool while jumping up and down, running on the spot, turning all around (recommended!) and occasionally banging into people and stuff (not recommended!).

  2. Find and get to the top of the castle as quickly as you can

  3. Beat your friends’ time and Top the leader board

  4. Find coins/tokens for free levels (or pay to avoid looking)

  5. Explore all the mazes and try and find Easter eggs

  6. Find the hidden jokes, facts, poems and more


Our game involves a unique movement specifically designed for VR - and in particular this game was the first in the world to incorporate it.  By leveraging the minute differences detected by the  gyroscope and accelerometer in the iPhone/iPad means when you physically move in the real world, it senses the vibration of movement and you move in the virtual world too (only in a forward direction).

There's a whole lot more to learn on this topic - so if you are bored, have finished your homework and want to learn more ... jump on over to HERE to read all about it


This game is only successful if you like it!

We therefore love all of your ideas and feedback, good and bad.  We regularly go through the app store reviews and respond, learn and even incorporate feedback.

We have a wall of fame, leaderboard, and even secret easter eggs dedicated to the efforts of those who offer feedback - so be sure to try and find these

If you have any ideas, comments, feedback, suggestions, bugs, etc.  Please be sure to drop us a line via any of our contact details, which can be found HERE